A new, sensational discovery, dating back to the early 70's, reveals a surprising origin to the famous star wars movie characters and props

E.R. with the inherited lighting shop and the amazing discovery

Until recently, this historical treasure was kept peacefully in a little dusty lighting shop in a small town in Sweden.


The great revelation came when E.R. received the unfortunate notice of his grandfather's death and inherited his old little lighting shop.


"When I looked [into that] lighting catalog I couldn't believe my eyes, all my childhood's favorite Star Wars characters were there but very different..."


After a few weeks he went to see what he can make of the shop. The place was a wreck with dozens of lamps piled up to the ceiling. When he got to the catalogs pile he was shocked...


Finally he understood all the mumbling of his grandfather about the cinema guy from America that visited him and bought half of the shop.


"And to think all this time it was under his nose! Unbelievable!"


The catalogs depicted lamps of different kinds with a definite resemblance to his childhood heroes from the Star Wars movies...


In memory of his beloved grandfather along with a tribute to his childhood memories, he shares some of the catalog pages.

Darth vader character inspiration lamp